You Tubers To Fix Oil Spill

Posted: May 26, 2010 in Humor
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So, I am perusing You Tube after being directed there by some website or other when I notice a banner at the top of the page:

See the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Here and submit your ideas on how to stop it

My very first thought was:

Holy crap, have you read the comments sections on some of these videos?

Seriously, who in their right mind would want one of those morons from the comments section on You Tube to talk to them at all, much less fix a major ecological catastrophe?

To show you what I mean, I picked a video at random. I didn’t even watch it, so forgive me if it is offensive, but I don’t have the inclination to watch the vapid nothing that people post on teh u tubes. Just check out the comments.

Here is one of my favorites from the video of Senior Wences’ speech condemning the security of United States’ borders. I think this is a classic. These pseudo-intellectual posers are always writing stuff that sounds smart to dumb people, but what is really just them saying dirty words like a seven year old saying “butt”.

Check it out:

The actual problem is – Penis!! -or you want to call it ego/majority/dominance! According to these political bastards such as McClintock, everything should be legislate and designed to keep white men’s penis hard!! All the time! Whether it is politics, business, immigration or any issue and that’s the main problem which is underlying this poorly drafted, misguided law SB-1070!

Way to take a completely idiotic position in a forum that does not lend itself to intelligent debate.

I can see it now, teh u tubes response to the oil spill:

Stick a giant penis in it! Then stick penis’ in the anuses of all the BP execs, and george bushitlerburton!!!11!!!one!!eleven!!!

One of these days our cloaked masters will allow us the freedom we need to delicately place our jackboots on the throats of all hippies everywhere. And when that day comes there will be much wailing and burning of patchouli!

IMAO is all about plugging that damn hole!

  1. the botnet says:


    Maybe we can send 14 busloads of SEIU hippies and losers under police escort to protest the damn hole.

  2. Only if after the protest I get to set the busloads of SEIU thugs on fire. Fire is cool.