More Tasers, Less Stupid

Posted: June 1, 2010 in Law Enforcement
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Show of hands, who wants some education in taser use? You don’t want education in taser use? Too bad, you’re about to get some.

While skimming through the taser news, I always come upon stories about “controversial” taser stuff. Most of it arises from ignorance about tasers, and when exactly they are supposed to be used. Here is a crash course:


That is all.

  1. Drew says:

    I think the controversial part is that tasers have replaced non-deadly force. That is, whereas the police officer would otherwise have used no force at all or would have merely slapped the suspect up a bit, now he can shoot them with a taser. Obviously there will be abuses at times with regard to any use of force. But imo, people need to quit wussing out over tasers. They’re not that bad, and they’re only temporary. Worst case scenario, you can punish the cop for abusing his authority.