Rocketfiring Savages FTW!

Posted: June 1, 2010 in News, Politics
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I want to make sure I get my facts correct, so help me out here, y’all. Palestinians have been firing rockets into Israel like it’s the national past time. Mom, hummus, rocketfiring, am I right? In response, Israel takes out some of those rocket sites, which happen to be top of schools and shit. Do I have it down so far? Then the media reports “Evil Joooos bomb school” but make no mention of the Palestinians firing rockets from the school. Correct me if I am wrong. Israel decides, “Hey, lets blockade those rocketfiring savages.” But, in an effort to appease those in the “world community” that treat rocket firing savages like they’re single moms with six kids, and leprosy, they figure, “Hey while we’re doing this blockade thing, we’ll allow humanitarian aid to come through as long as the ships are checked by the UN (AKA The Jooooo hater club), Egypt, or us. Am I good so far? So some “peace loving humanitarians decide to run the blockade like they’re Han frikkin Solo. Israel tells them ahead of time, “Dude, don’t.” They do it anyway, and when the Israeli military boards the vessel, they throw soldiers overboard, beat them with sticks, and generally act like you would expect rocketfiring savages to act. Are my facts straight to this point? In response to the soldiers being attacked, the rest of military guys whack several rocketfiring savages. Now the “World Community” is crying because Benjamin Netanyahu is a poopy head. That’s the way understand things, please correct me if I am mistaken.

Look, I understand that our president is an anti-Semite. So are most of the countries in the UN, but come on. Is there anyone who is not a Muslim that truly believes Israel did something wrong? Look at the video:

Via Ace

and a different angle via Right Wing News

Or you can read some of the soldier’s account in the Guardian.

If you don’t want to be put down like a rabid animal, don’t act like one.

You know what really gets to me though? The only reason Israel hasn’t destroyed those knuckledragging, headchopping, rocketfiring savages is because the United States exerts diplomatic and financial pressure on Israel, yet the savages are pissed at the Unites States too. That’s how you know their calls for peace are bullshit.

I say let Israel take care of themselves, and if they go a little overboard, we tell them “Dude, not cool.” Maybe write them a strongly worded letter.


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