DeathSpank: Dispenser of Justice, and Killer of Time

Posted: July 27, 2010 in Video Games


What was I to do? Like any legendary hero from your favorite video, I persevered. I continued on my quest to find a game to keep me entertained. I pushed on through the boggy marsh of despair. I climbed the foreboding mountain of crappy shooters with pretty graphics. Did you know it’s nigh impossible to find an RPG that’s more than running around, and pushing a button these days? I pushed forth with my impossible mission until, at long last, I found what I sought: DeathSpank!

Yes, I know. DeathSpank is a whack-a-mole RPG, but it’s more than that. It’s a perfect game to waste time with when you’ve got nothing else to do. Or when you have other things to do, but you really don’t feel like doing them.

While it is true, in DeathSpank, you pretty much run around, and push a button, but this game is entertaining for other reasons. It’s a humorous, light-hearted, experience that pokes fun of video games and itself. The sweet weapons, like the demon poop hammer, keep you playing just to see what the next weapon will be. The dialogue is funny with some well placed pop culture references. Everything a geek could want. While the graphics aren’t super high speed, they are certainly perfect for the game. They give the game a whimsical feel, and are a perfect compliment to the humorous storyline.

DeathSpank won’t redefine the industry or the genre. It will keep you entertained for several hours, and is worth the money.


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