About the Author

Since I am kicking off a new blog I figured it would be good idea to introduce myself to teh intranets. Though the title pretty much says it all. I am a storm trooper. I wear jackboots.

While I may or may, have ever or have not ever, work or worked for some law enforcement agency, I will not be posting my resume. Those of us involved in stormtroopery are a mysterious lot, and we like it that way. Besides, our cloaked overlords would not approve.

With all that said, I will be posting commentary on social issues, law enforcement related issues, political issues, and news stories. Oh, and I may throw in some video game stuff, and cooking stuff. Hey, we storm troopers have hobbies too. I mean, we can’t spend all our time with our boots on the throats of the oppressed masses.

I despise social networking, so there will be none of that. Well, unless I get a huge readership that demands it. Or if the succubus that holds my unearthly leash (AKA my wife) demands it.