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Show of hands, who wants some education in taser use? You don’t want education in taser use? Too bad, you’re about to get some.

While skimming through the taser news, I always come upon stories about “controversial” taser stuff. Most of it arises from ignorance about tasers, and when exactly they are supposed to be used. Here is a crash course:


That is all.


Well, nine police chiefs hate the law. Curiously, none of the police chiefs quoted by the BBC are from Arizona.

I love the quotes from these nimrods. First, Los Angeles Police Chief:

He said checking people’s immigration status would break down the trust police forces had been building with communities for decades.

Ummm, so the police in LA have been building up the trust of criminals? I would be all for it if the build up of trust culminated in a sting operation where the LAPD called all their illegal immigrants into the Staples Center under the pretense of obtaining leopard print seat covers, and SURPRISE, the police arrest them all when they show up. That would be awesome. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what he meant.

Now, Salt Lake City weighs in:

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank said he felt the law would “divert our resources away from things we’re supposed to be doing – that is, fighting crime and providing safety of local communities”.

Two points. One, the Arizona Law does not apply in Salt Lake City. Two, wouldn’t deporting ILLEGAL immigrants fall under that whole “fighting crime and providing safety of local communities” thingy?

Well, I’m not sure how many police chiefs there are in the United States, but I’m sure nine police chiefs represent some overwhelming majority, right? Way to go BBC!

I’ve read many news stories decrying Taser use by police to subdue people with one health condition or another. It makes me ask the titular question, what did you expect?

Police get called to situations to which they have no business responding. Unfortunately they have no choice but to respond because there is no one else to be called. These situations usually arise from grown folks failing to act like grown folks.

You’ve seen stories like this one in the news. I am sure you wondered, “Why would someone tase a child?” Again I ask the titular (I love that word, don’t you?) question, what did you expect?

This mother called an armed stranger to her house to handle her child because she failed as a mother. A ten-year old refusing to take a shower is not a matter for the police to handle. A cop can’t fix in ten minutes what it took the mother ten years to screw up. I don’t want to see a ten-year old girl get tased, but the mother should not have involved the police.

Another good example is the recent taser use by the Tybee Island, GA police on an autistic man. The family left an autistic man out on the street while they were inside doing, well, I guess something more important than tending to their autistic family member. Again, the titular question, what did you expect?

If you read the police reports linked to by the story, you’ll find the account of the family being pissed at the police. Including the father’s statement that he would, “go down front and find the bastards.” All pops would have found was an ass kicking.

Why is pops pissed? Because he feels guilty. It’s ultimately his fault that his autistic son was left alone in front of a bar. Autism is characterized by the sufferer’s inability to communicate, and interact with others. Why anyone would think it is a good idea to leave an autistic person just standing around by themselves in front of a bar is beyond me. This man should not have had to talk to the police. Since the people charged with caring for this man failed as caretakers, the police were forced to interact with him.

Police have a job to do: Discovering, and investigating criminal activity. Raising other people’s children, and caring for the mentally challenged are activities that the police are ill-equipped to do. The police have a toolbox that contains the tools with which they do their jobs. This toolbox contains exactly: Officer presence, verbal commands, empty-handed whoopass, pepper spray, baton, taser, and firearm. That’s it. Dealing with unruly children, or mentally challenged individuals, with these tools is like trying to drive a screw with a hammer. It gets the job done, but it’s not very subtle. Until the public stops demanding that the police deal with every failure of society they are going to continue to be appalled by these events which are ultimately their own fault.

Apparently, according to Atlanta Journal Constitution, Dekalb County, Georgia is in a tizzy behind two recent taser deaths.

“Of course I’m concerned,” said Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton, chair of the public safety committee. “I do need to find out what actually happened and if it’s a coincidence or if there is a reason to look to see if we need to change our policies and procedures.”

It doesn’t take much more than a quick perusal of the story to figure out what’s going on here:

Paramedics were called to Audrecas Davis’ room at the Budgetel Inn on Chamblee-Tucker Road on May 9 after motel staff found him passed out. Paramedics summoned police after Davis, who was 375 pounds, awoke during treatment and became combative, according to a police report obtained by the AJC.


Police used a Taser on Olawunmi twice after she crashed the stolen car, refused to comply with officers’ commanders (sic) and became combative, according to a police report. The woman, who was 5-foot-3 and 350 pounds, became unresponsive shortly after the second stun.

I’m no forensic scientist but this doesn’t seem like it’s hard to figure out why these two fine upstanding members of the community are dead. I think even this reporter figured it out. It seems as if he’s hinting at it without actually saying, “Hey, morons, the taser killed these people because their blood was probably 75% bacon fat!”

Unfortunately, I see where this is headed. Soon the police will no longer be able to make a decision to use the taser based solely on whether the force is justified. Now, they’ll have to determine if the suspect is obese.

The thing is, before the widespread use of tasers, fatass crackfiends would fight the police and drop dead from the exertion of the struggle. Hippies everywhere were trying to pin those deaths on police wrongdoing. Now they have a boogeyman to blame: The taser! Oh the Huge Manatee!

Is there any other city in America more worthy of a good flipping off of than Los Angeles, CA? The state of Arizona gives me hope that the United States still has some fight in her.

In case you have been living under a rock, or living in a hole, or possibly have been held in some undisclosed torture room, Arizona passed a law that basically told state and local law enforcement to that it’s okay to check on someone’s immigration status. In response, the douche bags in L.A. decided to boycott stuff from Arizona.

Douche bags are notoriously short sighted, and not overly-intelligent. The Los Angeles city council overlooked the fact that their city gets 25% of their electricity from Arizona. Arizona Corporation Commissioner Gary Pierce sent L.A.’s mayor a letter that was probably accompanied by a large photo of his middle finger. The money shot of the letter is this:

If an economic boycott is truly what you desire, I will be happy to encourage Arizona utilities to renegotiate your power agreements so Los Angeles no longer receives any power from Arizona-based generation.

Hot Air has the whole letter from Gary Pierce.

I’m seriously considering moving my underground bunker to Arizona. Anybody know how transport large, subterranean, cement structures?

[UPDATE] From Hot Air, L.A. has responded to Pierce’s letter. Apparently the city of Los Angeles lacks the courage their convictions. Not that anyone is surprised by that.