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Maybe I’m going off the conspiracy theory deep-end on this one, but I can’t help but wonder. Think about it: He’s got car companies, banks, lenders, healthcare, and is currently working on the oil industry. If any of you have been completely out of the loop this off-season, there is trouble on the horizon in the NFL. If no new collective bargaining agreement is reached, there could be a work stoppage in 2011. If you’re a member of the Rahm Emmanuelle “Never let a good crisis go to waste” school of thought, what greater opportunity is there to seize control of the NFL than a work stoppage?

If that isn’t enough opportunity for you, consider this: The current head of the NFL Players Union is Demaurice Smith. Smith is a Washington attorney, and surprise surprise, a member of the Obama-Biden transition team. Did you wonder why Rush Limbaugh’s bid to be a minority partner with no controlling interest in the ownership of the St. Louis Rams was shot down? My guess is you have to look no further than Demaurice Smith. Of course Roger Goodell, the good plantation owner that he is, wouldn’t dare admit to that.

What about motive, you ask? Karl Marx famously said that religion is the opiate of the masses. That may have been true at one time, and may still be true in some countries. In this day and age in the good ole US of A the opiate of the masses is sports. I’m as guilty as anyone. Who wants to listen to the statists in Washington talking about the next public orifice they’re gonna fill with some pork-laden phallic legislation when Sam Bradford hasn’t been signed yet? I’d much rather hear about Steven Strasburg striking 14 hitters in five innings than the foregone conclusion that is the Cap and Trade bill.

The pieces are all in place. You have a looming catastrophe, a sleeper agent in a position of influence, a media that will not question the current regime, and a president that has shown time and again that he wants more control of privately owned business. Government control of the most popular professional sports league in the country could prove a powerful tool in the battle for the hearts and minds of the average American. With Barack Obama’s policies being soundly rejected by the American people, he needs another bullet in his P.R. gun.


According to the New York Slimes, the Obama regime doesn’t like the fact that Israel is defending itself. I’m not sure where to start on this steaming pile o’ whale pooh. I guess I should just get a scuba tank and a shovel and get to work.

The Obama administration considers Israel’s blockade of Gaza to be untenable and plans to press for another approach to ensure Israel’s security while allowing more supplies into the impoverished Palestinian area, senior American officials said Wednesday.

The blockade is untenable for whom? It appears Israel is quite capable of defending the blockade. Is it untenable for the Obama regime? God forbid Mr. Obama be inconvenienced by such trivial matters as an ally trying to stop the influx of weapons to a terrorist organization. We’ll need to put a stop to this right away. We can’t have rocketfiring savages short on rockets to fire at cafes and grade schools.

As to the “more supplies” line, I saw this at Hot Air earlier. In the post there is a link to a story from the Financial Times about the “supplies” situation in Gaza:

Hundreds of tunnels have shut down over the past year as a result of greater Egyptian efforts to stop the flow of goods – and weapons – into the strip. But the remaining tunnels, about 200 to 300 according to most estimates, have become so efficient that shops all over Gaza are bursting with goods.

Those poor, starving Palestinians. My heart weeps.

It seems neither Hamas, nor President Obama will be satisfied until Israel is destroyed. I guess having all those joooos in one place is just bad form.

Sign on the dotted line

…And by Piper I mean the news media who have done everything they can make sure liberals get elected.

H/T Michelle Malkin

So, we all know the dinosaur media, especially newspapers, are suffering financially. We all know that most main stream news sources lean so far to the left they’re about to fall over. It appears the elected liberals are getting ready to pay the news media back for their undying support.

I guess they figure the unholy alliance between news outlets and liberal politicians are largely responsible for the financial straits the dinosaur media are now navigating. Now the liberal politicians are goin’ down there and settin’ things a-right.

The Federal Trade Commission released a discussion paper in which they kick around ideas for saving the dinosaur media from extinction. They discussed monkeying with copyright laws, and fair use doctrine among other topics. But those aren’t the ones that frighten me. It would be these two in particular:

Representative Waxman noted at the FTC’s December 2, 2009 workshop that an“examination of the antitrust laws and whether changes there might be of assistance”had been raised as a possible response to the current difficulties facing the press and journalism.


This section first reviews the history of government subsidies and then presents proposals that have emerged to date to provide additional government funds to sustain journalism.

I don’t know about you, but increased government funding (read=government control) and allowing “news organizations” (at least the way I read it) the ability to engage in collusion and price fixing seems yabba-dabba-dubious to me.

To be fair, these are just ideas that the FTC is discussing. Still, it seems our government is preparing to offer the news media Faust’s deal.

There is an upshot to this though. How awesome would it be to see Katy Couric’s head spin around while she vomits pea soup on the news?

I want to make sure I get my facts correct, so help me out here, y’all. Palestinians have been firing rockets into Israel like it’s the national past time. Mom, hummus, rocketfiring, am I right? In response, Israel takes out some of those rocket sites, which happen to be top of schools and shit. Do I have it down so far? Then the media reports “Evil Joooos bomb school” but make no mention of the Palestinians firing rockets from the school. Correct me if I am wrong. Israel decides, “Hey, lets blockade those rocketfiring savages.” But, in an effort to appease those in the “world community” that treat rocket firing savages like they’re single moms with six kids, and leprosy, they figure, “Hey while we’re doing this blockade thing, we’ll allow humanitarian aid to come through as long as the ships are checked by the UN (AKA The Jooooo hater club), Egypt, or us. Am I good so far? So some “peace loving humanitarians decide to run the blockade like they’re Han frikkin Solo. Israel tells them ahead of time, “Dude, don’t.” They do it anyway, and when the Israeli military boards the vessel, they throw soldiers overboard, beat them with sticks, and generally act like you would expect rocketfiring savages to act. Are my facts straight to this point? In response to the soldiers being attacked, the rest of military guys whack several rocketfiring savages. Now the “World Community” is crying because Benjamin Netanyahu is a poopy head. That’s the way understand things, please correct me if I am mistaken.

Look, I understand that our president is an anti-Semite. So are most of the countries in the UN, but come on. Is there anyone who is not a Muslim that truly believes Israel did something wrong? Look at the video:

Via Ace

and a different angle via Right Wing News

Or you can read some of the soldier’s account in the Guardian.

If you don’t want to be put down like a rabid animal, don’t act like one.

You know what really gets to me though? The only reason Israel hasn’t destroyed those knuckledragging, headchopping, rocketfiring savages is because the United States exerts diplomatic and financial pressure on Israel, yet the savages are pissed at the Unites States too. That’s how you know their calls for peace are bullshit.

I say let Israel take care of themselves, and if they go a little overboard, we tell them “Dude, not cool.” Maybe write them a strongly worded letter.

Whew, that’s a relief. Now, if someone would just inform the jihadists.

Before you go frothing at the mouth, I get the point of the statement is to somehow draw the distinction between the good Muslims, and bad Muslims. It’s also to placate the Non-blowing-stuff-up-but-aiding-and-abetting-terrorism Muslim crowd.

In the linked post from Hot Air, Allahpundit makes the point that:

These are all standard Bush-era diplo-talking points, and they’ll remain standard talking points under President Palin or Romney or Rubio or whoever for the simple reason that the U.S. isn’t about to ask a billion Muslims to renounce the Koran over the repulsive idea of holy war.

Problem is, I don’t care who says it, they’re wrong. While there are no doubt Muslims that don’t blow shit up, just like there are rednecks that don’t drink beer, but the “convert or die” version of spreading religion was practiced by Muhammed (piss be upon him) himself.

I know the bed-wetting appeasement crowd like to point to the Inquisition as evidence that Christianity is no different than Islam. Sorry, that ain’t the case. Jesus never once preached that non-Christians should be killed.

As far as I am concerned, until the “moderate” Muslim community engages in actively protesting violence in their religion’s name, and stops rioting over pictures of of their prophet, I don’t give a crap how they feel about anything. They are beneath me.

Those head-chopping animals are at war with us. They are predators. Just like a bear. You remember what happened to Grizzly Man when he was out making friends with the grizzly bears? That’s right, he got eaten by a bear. Now, it’s true, there were bears that did not eat Grizzly Man, but all it took was one. This administration, and frankly a lot of Americans, should learn a lesson from Grizzly Man.

Well, nine police chiefs hate the law. Curiously, none of the police chiefs quoted by the BBC are from Arizona.

I love the quotes from these nimrods. First, Los Angeles Police Chief:

He said checking people’s immigration status would break down the trust police forces had been building with communities for decades.

Ummm, so the police in LA have been building up the trust of criminals? I would be all for it if the build up of trust culminated in a sting operation where the LAPD called all their illegal immigrants into the Staples Center under the pretense of obtaining leopard print seat covers, and SURPRISE, the police arrest them all when they show up. That would be awesome. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what he meant.

Now, Salt Lake City weighs in:

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank said he felt the law would “divert our resources away from things we’re supposed to be doing – that is, fighting crime and providing safety of local communities”.

Two points. One, the Arizona Law does not apply in Salt Lake City. Two, wouldn’t deporting ILLEGAL immigrants fall under that whole “fighting crime and providing safety of local communities” thingy?

Well, I’m not sure how many police chiefs there are in the United States, but I’m sure nine police chiefs represent some overwhelming majority, right? Way to go BBC!

I first read about this at Ace of Spades of HQ. That post led me to doubleplusundead. I think eddiebear said it better than anyone could, so I will just point you to his post. Caution, there is much naughty language there. I can’t add anything to it.

From Des Moines Register

The world will rock a little less hard as one of the founding members of one of my favorites bands is dead:

Urbandale police are investigating the death of the bass guitarist for Grammy award-winning Slipknot at a local hotel.

In memory of Paul Gray: (NSFW for naughty words and general Slipknottery)


And while I’m paying tribute to dead members of my favorite bands:

Oh well. I guess it’s time to go drink, and aggravate the succubus that holds my unearthly leash (AKA my wife) by playing copious amounts of Slipknot at volumes that would kill mere mortals.


After the screeching Moonbats tried their best to paint Rand Paul as a racist over his problems with the Civil Rights of 1964, a recent Supreme Court ruling exposes further flaws in the law.

You may remember last year when white firefighters from New Haven, CT were excluded from promotions when the city scrapped a test based on it excluding a high number of minorities. The SCOTUS ruled in a 5-4 decision in favor of the white firefighters.

Today the SCOTUS ruled in favor of black applicants that were denied jobs as firefighters in Chicago when the city used a higher cut-off score to weed out applicants.

So basically, the way I understand it, New Haven excluded white applicants for minorities that scored lower on the test, and that’s bad. Then, Chicago excludes minorities for whites that scored higher, and that’s bad.

Justice Scalia, what do you think?

In Monday’s opinion, Scalia acknowledged this law created “practical problems for employers” and could “produce puzzling results.” He concluded, however, “it is a problem for Congress, not one that federal courts can fix.”

So, whether you agree with Rand Paul’s stance that the Civil Rights Act went too far in regulating private business (I do), here is a very real dilemma caused by the Civil Rights Act. So, I guess if Congress takes up this debate, that makes them all racist. Also, if you disagree with me, you’re a racist.

Apparently, Iran told the United States and the rest of the G-5+1 (What the hell is that, anyway? Is that like the Big 10 having 11 teams? But I digress) that they will do what they want, we’re not their daddy.

Maybe I’m old school, but when the hell did maniacal dictatorships tell us what they were going to do? What happened to the days when countries like Iran cowered in fear before the might of the United States? Barack Obama happened.

Barack Obama has apparently taken the scrotum of the United States of America, and put it in his man-purse carry-all. We have the might to turn everyone in Iran into radioactive vapor, but our leaders lack the will to use it. And our enemies know this.

George Washington would have personally gone to Iran, and punched Mahmoud Ahmademonjob in his fatticus. Hell, W would have at least sent him a strongly worded letter telling him his mouth is writing checks that his ass can’t cash.

Of course, Russia and China are backing, supplying, and profiting from Iran and their banny rooster act. You know there was once a time when the main goal of our military was to be able to whoop Russia and China at the same time. I doubt this has been a goal since Bush Sr. was in office. And once again, even our enemies know it.

The United States is like a p-whipped husband. He has to check his nuts out of storage to act like a man from time to time, but only with his wife’s permission. It’s time we force a yard pass out of Obama so we can drop our nuts on our enemies. That way we can tell Iran how the cow eats the cabbage, and that they can get glad in the same drawers they got mad.