I want to make sure I get my facts correct, so help me out here, y’all. Palestinians have been firing rockets into Israel like it’s the national past time. Mom, hummus, rocketfiring, am I right? In response, Israel takes out some of those rocket sites, which happen to be top of schools and shit. Do I have it down so far? Then the media reports “Evil Joooos bomb school” but make no mention of the Palestinians firing rockets from the school. Correct me if I am wrong. Israel decides, “Hey, lets blockade those rocketfiring savages.” But, in an effort to appease those in the “world community” that treat rocket firing savages like they’re single moms with six kids, and leprosy, they figure, “Hey while we’re doing this blockade thing, we’ll allow humanitarian aid to come through as long as the ships are checked by the UN (AKA The Jooooo hater club), Egypt, or us. Am I good so far? So some “peace loving humanitarians decide to run the blockade like they’re Han frikkin Solo. Israel tells them ahead of time, “Dude, don’t.” They do it anyway, and when the Israeli military boards the vessel, they throw soldiers overboard, beat them with sticks, and generally act like you would expect rocketfiring savages to act. Are my facts straight to this point? In response to the soldiers being attacked, the rest of military guys whack several rocketfiring savages. Now the “World Community” is crying because Benjamin Netanyahu is a poopy head. That’s the way understand things, please correct me if I am mistaken.

Look, I understand that our president is an anti-Semite. So are most of the countries in the UN, but come on. Is there anyone who is not a Muslim that truly believes Israel did something wrong? Look at the video:

Via Ace

and a different angle via Right Wing News

Or you can read some of the soldier’s account in the Guardian.

If you don’t want to be put down like a rabid animal, don’t act like one.

You know what really gets to me though? The only reason Israel hasn’t destroyed those knuckledragging, headchopping, rocketfiring savages is because the United States exerts diplomatic and financial pressure on Israel, yet the savages are pissed at the Unites States too. That’s how you know their calls for peace are bullshit.

I say let Israel take care of themselves, and if they go a little overboard, we tell them “Dude, not cool.” Maybe write them a strongly worded letter.


And One More Thing

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Memorial Day

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In honor of all those who paid the ultimate price for freedom, a moment of silence……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

And thanks to all those that currently serve. May you not be honored on this day.

Whew, that’s a relief. Now, if someone would just inform the jihadists.

Before you go frothing at the mouth, I get the point of the statement is to somehow draw the distinction between the good Muslims, and bad Muslims. It’s also to placate the Non-blowing-stuff-up-but-aiding-and-abetting-terrorism Muslim crowd.

In the linked post from Hot Air, Allahpundit makes the point that:

These are all standard Bush-era diplo-talking points, and they’ll remain standard talking points under President Palin or Romney or Rubio or whoever for the simple reason that the U.S. isn’t about to ask a billion Muslims to renounce the Koran over the repulsive idea of holy war.

Problem is, I don’t care who says it, they’re wrong. While there are no doubt Muslims that don’t blow shit up, just like there are rednecks that don’t drink beer, but the “convert or die” version of spreading religion was practiced by Muhammed (piss be upon him) himself.

I know the bed-wetting appeasement crowd like to point to the Inquisition as evidence that Christianity is no different than Islam. Sorry, that ain’t the case. Jesus never once preached that non-Christians should be killed.

As far as I am concerned, until the “moderate” Muslim community engages in actively protesting violence in their religion’s name, and stops rioting over pictures of of their prophet, I don’t give a crap how they feel about anything. They are beneath me.

Those head-chopping animals are at war with us. They are predators. Just like a bear. You remember what happened to Grizzly Man when he was out making friends with the grizzly bears? That’s right, he got eaten by a bear. Now, it’s true, there were bears that did not eat Grizzly Man, but all it took was one. This administration, and frankly a lot of Americans, should learn a lesson from Grizzly Man.

Well, nine police chiefs hate the law. Curiously, none of the police chiefs quoted by the BBC are from Arizona.

I love the quotes from these nimrods. First, Los Angeles Police Chief:

He said checking people’s immigration status would break down the trust police forces had been building with communities for decades.

Ummm, so the police in LA have been building up the trust of criminals? I would be all for it if the build up of trust culminated in a sting operation where the LAPD called all their illegal immigrants into the Staples Center under the pretense of obtaining leopard print seat covers, and SURPRISE, the police arrest them all when they show up. That would be awesome. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what he meant.

Now, Salt Lake City weighs in:

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank said he felt the law would “divert our resources away from things we’re supposed to be doing – that is, fighting crime and providing safety of local communities”.

Two points. One, the Arizona Law does not apply in Salt Lake City. Two, wouldn’t deporting ILLEGAL immigrants fall under that whole “fighting crime and providing safety of local communities” thingy?

Well, I’m not sure how many police chiefs there are in the United States, but I’m sure nine police chiefs represent some overwhelming majority, right? Way to go BBC!

So, I am perusing You Tube after being directed there by some website or other when I notice a banner at the top of the page:

See the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Here and submit your ideas on how to stop it

My very first thought was:

Holy crap, have you read the comments sections on some of these videos?

Seriously, who in their right mind would want one of those morons from the comments section on You Tube to talk to them at all, much less fix a major ecological catastrophe?

To show you what I mean, I picked a video at random. I didn’t even watch it, so forgive me if it is offensive, but I don’t have the inclination to watch the vapid nothing that people post on teh u tubes. Just check out the comments.

Here is one of my favorites from the video of Senior Wences’ speech condemning the security of United States’ borders. I think this is a classic. These pseudo-intellectual posers are always writing stuff that sounds smart to dumb people, but what is really just them saying dirty words like a seven year old saying “butt”.

Check it out:

The actual problem is – Penis!! -or you want to call it ego/majority/dominance! According to these political bastards such as McClintock, everything should be legislate and designed to keep white men’s penis hard!! All the time! Whether it is politics, business, immigration or any issue and that’s the main problem which is underlying this poorly drafted, misguided law SB-1070!

Way to take a completely idiotic position in a forum that does not lend itself to intelligent debate.

I can see it now, teh u tubes response to the oil spill:

Stick a giant penis in it! Then stick penis’ in the anuses of all the BP execs, and george bushitlerburton!!!11!!!one!!eleven!!!

One of these days our cloaked masters will allow us the freedom we need to delicately place our jackboots on the throats of all hippies everywhere. And when that day comes there will be much wailing and burning of patchouli!

IMAO is all about plugging that damn hole!

From the LA Times

Apparently the House Republicans have unveiled an online megaphone to give Americans a voice in Washington. Much like the final episode of Lost, I’m not sure what I think about it yet.

While I like the idea of Americans having a voice in Washington, I think this online megaphone thingie is a little too subtle. I want a real megaphone.

Better yet, I think Americans should be allowed to walk around Washington with a pointy stick. Much like a livestock show, we could walk around with our elected leaders, and when they get out of line, we poke them with a pointy stick.

Hmmm, no, you could put an eye out with a pointy stick. Can’t have a bunch of blind politicians writing laws. The bills being passed now by politicians with sight are bad enough. No, that just won’t do. I have a better idea! A hotshot!

It would work something like this:

I think we should bail out *BZZZZT* Ahhhh, no more bailouts!

They are just here doing the jobs *BZZZZT* Ahhhhh, they’re criminals!

The Arizona law is raci…*BZZZT* Ahhh, it’s a great idea to enforce laws that are already on the books!

I think I’ll go to the deli for lunch *BZZZZT* Ahhh, what was that for?

It would be great. There would be a real and immediate consequence for ignoring the will of the people. It would also be fun for us. Eventually, the politards would be so well-trained you wouldn’t have to actually use the hotshot. You could just make the *BZZZT* noise, and they would all jump to.

Finally we would have elected leaders subservient to the people who elected them. Now there’s a novel concept.

I first read about this at Ace of Spades of HQ. That post led me to doubleplusundead. I think eddiebear said it better than anyone could, so I will just point you to his post. Caution, there is much naughty language there. I can’t add anything to it.

I’ve read many news stories decrying Taser use by police to subdue people with one health condition or another. It makes me ask the titular question, what did you expect?

Police get called to situations to which they have no business responding. Unfortunately they have no choice but to respond because there is no one else to be called. These situations usually arise from grown folks failing to act like grown folks.

You’ve seen stories like this one in the news. I am sure you wondered, “Why would someone tase a child?” Again I ask the titular (I love that word, don’t you?) question, what did you expect?

This mother called an armed stranger to her house to handle her child because she failed as a mother. A ten-year old refusing to take a shower is not a matter for the police to handle. A cop can’t fix in ten minutes what it took the mother ten years to screw up. I don’t want to see a ten-year old girl get tased, but the mother should not have involved the police.

Another good example is the recent taser use by the Tybee Island, GA police on an autistic man. The family left an autistic man out on the street while they were inside doing, well, I guess something more important than tending to their autistic family member. Again, the titular question, what did you expect?

If you read the police reports linked to by the story, you’ll find the account of the family being pissed at the police. Including the father’s statement that he would, “go down front and find the bastards.” All pops would have found was an ass kicking.

Why is pops pissed? Because he feels guilty. It’s ultimately his fault that his autistic son was left alone in front of a bar. Autism is characterized by the sufferer’s inability to communicate, and interact with others. Why anyone would think it is a good idea to leave an autistic person just standing around by themselves in front of a bar is beyond me. This man should not have had to talk to the police. Since the people charged with caring for this man failed as caretakers, the police were forced to interact with him.

Police have a job to do: Discovering, and investigating criminal activity. Raising other people’s children, and caring for the mentally challenged are activities that the police are ill-equipped to do. The police have a toolbox that contains the tools with which they do their jobs. This toolbox contains exactly: Officer presence, verbal commands, empty-handed whoopass, pepper spray, baton, taser, and firearm. That’s it. Dealing with unruly children, or mentally challenged individuals, with these tools is like trying to drive a screw with a hammer. It gets the job done, but it’s not very subtle. Until the public stops demanding that the police deal with every failure of society they are going to continue to be appalled by these events which are ultimately their own fault.

From Des Moines Register

The world will rock a little less hard as one of the founding members of one of my favorites bands is dead:

Urbandale police are investigating the death of the bass guitarist for Grammy award-winning Slipknot at a local hotel.

In memory of Paul Gray: (NSFW for naughty words and general Slipknottery)


And while I’m paying tribute to dead members of my favorite bands:

Oh well. I guess it’s time to go drink, and aggravate the succubus that holds my unearthly leash (AKA my wife) by playing copious amounts of Slipknot at volumes that would kill mere mortals.