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Any Glenn Beck fans out there? I love Glenn when he is being funny, and not taking himself too seriously, or crying. I’m sure I’m late on this, but in response to New York Congressman Anthony Weiner’s investigation into Goldline International, and Glenn Beck’s business practices, Glenn’s people released Weiner Facts. While I am sure it is not written by Glenn himself, the humor is definitely in his style.

Here’s an excerpt:

Weiner knows that ordinary “viewers” can’t be trusted to make their own decisions about what they watch or where they spend their money. Only Weiner can “protect” people from the right to listen to what they want and spend their money where they please.

More Weiner:

“He’s attacking the messenger and not addressing the message,” said Mr. Weiner, who said he had seen the site on Wednesday but hadn’t looked at it since. “I think ultimately Fox News and his radio station and he are going to have to answer the questions about this advertiser and about their role in promoting them.”

“…his radio station”? We’re not sure which of the over 400 stations in Glenn’s network Weiner is talking about here. Surely, it can’t be that he doesn’t understand the business he’s criticizing at all. I mean, he wrote (allowed Weiner Matters to write) the Weiner report! He looked at message boards! He knows the Weiner facts!

Don’t have enough Weiner in your life? Go to to Weiner Facts for more Weiner!