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Sign on the dotted line

…And by Piper I mean the news media who have done everything they can make sure liberals get elected.

H/T Michelle Malkin

So, we all know the dinosaur media, especially newspapers, are suffering financially. We all know that most main stream news sources lean so far to the left they’re about to fall over. It appears the elected liberals are getting ready to pay the news media back for their undying support.

I guess they figure the unholy alliance between news outlets and liberal politicians are largely responsible for the financial straits the dinosaur media are now navigating. Now the liberal politicians are goin’ down there and settin’ things a-right.

The Federal Trade Commission released a discussion paper in which they kick around ideas for saving the dinosaur media from extinction. They discussed monkeying with copyright laws, and fair use doctrine among other topics. But those aren’t the ones that frighten me. It would be these two in particular:

Representative Waxman noted at the FTC’s December 2, 2009 workshop that an“examination of the antitrust laws and whether changes there might be of assistance”had been raised as a possible response to the current difficulties facing the press and journalism.


This section first reviews the history of government subsidies and then presents proposals that have emerged to date to provide additional government funds to sustain journalism.

I don’t know about you, but increased government funding (read=government control) and allowing “news organizations” (at least the way I read it) the ability to engage in collusion and price fixing seems yabba-dabba-dubious to me.

To be fair, these are just ideas that the FTC is discussing. Still, it seems our government is preparing to offer the news media Faust’s deal.

There is an upshot to this though. How awesome would it be to see Katy Couric’s head spin around while she vomits pea soup on the news?