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From the LA Times

Apparently the House Republicans have unveiled an online megaphone to give Americans a voice in Washington. Much like the final episode of Lost, I’m not sure what I think about it yet.

While I like the idea of Americans having a voice in Washington, I think this online megaphone thingie is a little too subtle. I want a real megaphone.

Better yet, I think Americans should be allowed to walk around Washington with a pointy stick. Much like a livestock show, we could walk around with our elected leaders, and when they get out of line, we poke them with a pointy stick.

Hmmm, no, you could put an eye out with a pointy stick. Can’t have a bunch of blind politicians writing laws. The bills being passed now by politicians with sight are bad enough. No, that just won’t do. I have a better idea! A hotshot!

It would work something like this:

I think we should bail out *BZZZZT* Ahhhh, no more bailouts!

They are just here doing the jobs *BZZZZT* Ahhhhh, they’re criminals!

The Arizona law is raci…*BZZZT* Ahhh, it’s a great idea to enforce laws that are already on the books!

I think I’ll go to the deli for lunch *BZZZZT* Ahhh, what was that for?

It would be great. There would be a real and immediate consequence for ignoring the will of the people. It would also be fun for us. Eventually, the politards would be so well-trained you wouldn’t have to actually use the hotshot. You could just make the *BZZZT* noise, and they would all jump to.

Finally we would have elected leaders subservient to the people who elected them. Now there’s a novel concept.


H/T Hot Air!

So, here goes Alan Grayson again. This guy says some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. I have no idea why the Democrats haven’t killed him, and hid his body. He is an embarrassment to politicians, and since politicians are embarrassments to whale pooh, that’s saying something. Anywho, here’s his latest LSD induced rant:

Allahpundit’s thoughts on the matter can be read on Hot Air.

BTW, is it just me, or does Alan Grayson sound like Mr. Slave from South Park.