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Apparently, Iran told the United States and the rest of the G-5+1 (What the hell is that, anyway? Is that like the Big 10 having 11 teams? But I digress) that they will do what they want, we’re not their daddy.

Maybe I’m old school, but when the hell did maniacal dictatorships tell us what they were going to do? What happened to the days when countries like Iran cowered in fear before the might of the United States? Barack Obama happened.

Barack Obama has apparently taken the scrotum of the United States of America, and put it in his man-purse carry-all. We have the might to turn everyone in Iran into radioactive vapor, but our leaders lack the will to use it. And our enemies know this.

George Washington would have personally gone to Iran, and punched Mahmoud Ahmademonjob in his fatticus. Hell, W would have at least sent him a strongly worded letter telling him his mouth is writing checks that his ass can’t cash.

Of course, Russia and China are backing, supplying, and profiting from Iran and their banny rooster act. You know there was once a time when the main goal of our military was to be able to whoop Russia and China at the same time. I doubt this has been a goal since Bush Sr. was in office. And once again, even our enemies know it.

The United States is like a p-whipped husband. He has to check his nuts out of storage to act like a man from time to time, but only with his wife’s permission. It’s time we force a yard pass out of Obama so we can drop our nuts on our enemies. That way we can tell Iran how the cow eats the cabbage, and that they can get glad in the same drawers they got mad.