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After the screeching Moonbats tried their best to paint Rand Paul as a racist over his problems with the Civil Rights of 1964, a recent Supreme Court ruling exposes further flaws in the law.

You may remember last year when white firefighters from New Haven, CT were excluded from promotions when the city scrapped a test based on it excluding a high number of minorities. The SCOTUS ruled in a 5-4 decision in favor of the white firefighters.

Today the SCOTUS ruled in favor of black applicants that were denied jobs as firefighters in Chicago when the city used a higher cut-off score to weed out applicants.

So basically, the way I understand it, New Haven excluded white applicants for minorities that scored lower on the test, and that’s bad. Then, Chicago excludes minorities for whites that scored higher, and that’s bad.

Justice Scalia, what do you think?

In Monday’s opinion, Scalia acknowledged this law created “practical problems for employers” and could “produce puzzling results.” He concluded, however, “it is a problem for Congress, not one that federal courts can fix.”

So, whether you agree with Rand Paul’s stance that the Civil Rights Act went too far in regulating private business (I do), here is a very real dilemma caused by the Civil Rights Act. So, I guess if Congress takes up this debate, that makes them all racist. Also, if you disagree with me, you’re a racist.